OMIS2000- Chapter Notes

Users are able to create new social networks and

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Unformatted text preview: process orders, stealing business as well as customer information. • Sniffer – is a type of eavesdropping program that monitors information travelling over a network. o Help identify potential network trouble spots or criminal activity on the network, when used for criminal purposes, they can be very damaging and very difficult to detect. o Enable hackers to steal proprietary info from anywhere on the network, including email messages, company files and confidential reports. • Denial of service attacks – hackers flood a network server or web server with many false communication or requests for services to crash the network. Receives so many queries that it is not able to keep up with them and is thus unavailable to service legitimate requests. o Distributed denial of service – uses a number of computers to inundate and overwhelm the network from numerous launch points. o Example: Iranian election protests, foreign activists trying to help the opposition engaged in DDOS attacks against Iran’s government. The official website of the Iranian government was rendered inaccessible on several occasions. o Do not destroy info or access restricted areas of IS, they cause a website to shutdown. o Perpetrator of DoS attacks often use zombie PCs infected with malicious software without their owners knowledge and organized into a botnet. o Hackers create these botnets by infecting other people’s computers with bot malware that opens a back door through which an attack can give instructions. o The infected computer than becomes a slave or z...
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