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OMIS-Excel Notes-Linda's

8 name the worksheets jan 06 feb 06 mar 06 april 06

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Unformatted text preview: cription of each formula with examples, use the Excel Help function on the toolbar Named Ranges - Attaches a text name to a cell - Can be used in place of the cell reference - Helps to make formulas more readable and easier to debug - To name a cell: o Insert; Name; or o Type the name in the “Name Box” Layout - Design a spreadsheet so that it’s clear and readable o Bold, italics o Background colors o Borders o Alignment - Replicate the same structure for similar sheets (e.g. September Sales, October Sales) - Keep key values in a separate place or sheet and refer to them within calculations • 10 Excel Notes Jessica Gahtan OMIS2000 Select meaningful headings for columns or rows of data (Excel will draw on these for standard outputs) Layout- Merging - Cells can be combined into one larger cell- particularly useful when creating an overarching heading over several columns Formatting - Cell format options include: number, currency, percentage, date, time - Comments can be attached to each cell: Insert; comment Changing width and height of a column or row 1. Highlight the column/ row and use right click and choose column width or, 2. Highlight the column/row and use the cursor to pull to the right or left up or down to change the width/height. Changing input values - Modifying data within the spreadsheet- retype and hit enter (spreadsheet automatically recalculates) - Modifying data used in multiple formulas – same procedure and effect - F9 function key – recalculates all formulas in spreadsheet Exercise 1: Open Excel File: Sales Data.xls Step 1: • Add columns for PST and GST • Put tax rates on a separate page • Create and copy formulas for tax computation • Use absolute references for tax rates (remember: use of F4 to do this easily) • Use F2 to help see what’s going on w...
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