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Unformatted text preview: Functions • Lookup functions are used to look up values in a table to perform calculations or display results – For example, a teacher may want to look up an average in order to assign a grade Range Grade 90- 100 A 80- 89 B 70- 79 C 60- 69 D Below 60 F Excel offers a number of Lookup functions in which a table is searched for a value and corresponding data is returned. In the grading scale table shown in Table 2.4, the teacher might look up an average of 75 and determine that the matching grade is C. Creating a Lookup Table • When searching a range, the breakpoint is the lowest value • A lookup table typically lists breakpoints in one column and return values in a second column Range 17 Grade Excel Notes 0 D 70 C 80 B 90 OMIS2000 F 60 Jessica Gahtan A VLOOKUP VLOOKUP (A,B,C): vertical lookup function A – value B – range C – column number If A matches the value in the first column of B, then return the value in the Cth column of B. SUMPRODUCT SUMPRODUCT (Range A, Range B) Takes each paired element from range A and Range B and multiplies them together. Then computes the sum of all of the resulting products. Range A: 2 3 5 4 6 Range B: 9 8 2 1 3 SUMPRODUCT = 2*9 + 3*8 + 5*2 + 4*1 + 6*3 Open: Fire_Damage.xls Fire damage in the United States amounts to billions of dollars, much of it insured. The time taken to arrive at the fire is critical. This raises the question, should insurance companies lower premiums...
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