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Breakeven base case 875 patients breakeven nurses

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Unformatted text preview: e often, though, a visualization tells a more compelling story “A picture is worth a thousand words” Creating a Report from a Pivot Table Creating a Chart from a Pivot Table • Users can create a chart from a pivot table Practice Question 51 Excel Notes • • Jessica Gahtan OMIS2000 Open: FuturesTrading.xls Create a pivot table to present the total dollar value by security type and tools utilized. Change the pivot table to examine the data for other insights • What did we learn? • Subtotals – > Sorting • Pivot Tables – Filtering – Graphing Exploring Excel 2010 • Chapter 4 – Table Manipulation and Aggregation • Chapter 5 (all sections) OMIS2000- Week 6: Quantitative Data Analysis Approaches; Modeling and Analysis Mathematical Modeling Spreadsheets can also be used to build descriptions of business situations using math – As simple as solving an equation – As complex as a series of nested computations spanning several spreadsheets • Data are required as inputs to the model • It is often desirable (and far wiser) to experiment with the model rather than the real situation (WHAT- IF ANALYSIS or sensitivity analysis) • The general problem structure we create to do this is called a template Create a Template Open a new Excel document and create a worksheet, which will calculate your final grade in this course given input values for each grade component: Grade Component Percentage Allocation Weekly Assignments 20 Data Analytics Projects 25 Excel Practice 5 Final Exam 50 Exploring Scenarios • What score would you get in the course if your final exam score were – 50%? – 60%? – 70%? – 80%? – 90%? – 100%? • 52 Excel Notes Jessica Gahtan OMIS2000 Goal Seek • A tool when you know the desired end result but not the value needed to meet the goal • Enables you to work backwards to solve a problem • Excel can enter the input value in the variable cell • In effect, allows you to solve for an...
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