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OMIS-Excel Notes-Linda's

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Unformatted text preview: r a suggestion, and you can see affected rows highlighted in red. 3 Excel Notes Jessica Gahtan OMIS2000 DataWrangler helps format table data so it can be better used and analyzed by other applications. Click to view larger image. Drawbacks: I found that unexpected changes occurred as I attempted to explore DataWrangler's options; I constantly had to click "clear" to reset. And not all suggestions are useful ("promote row to header" seemed an odd suggestion when the row was blank) or easy to understand ("fold split 1 using 2 as key"). And while the fact that DataWrangler is a Web-based service makes it convenient to use, don't forget that it sends your data off to an external site -- which means it isn't an option for sensitive internal information. However, there are plans for a future release of a stand-alone desktop version. Another important thing to keep in mind is that DataWrangler is currently alpha code, and its creators say it's "still a work in progress." Skill level: Advanced beginner. Runs on: Any Web browser. Learn more: There's a screencast on the Data Wrangler home page. Also, see this post on using DataWrangler to format data (from Tableau Public's blog). What is an electronic spreadsheet? It’s a program that “enables you to store, manipulate and chart numeric data. Researchers, statisticians and business people use spreadsheets to analyze and summarize mathematical, statistical and financial data”. (Coulthard & Clifford, “Microsoft Office Excel 2003”) Spreadsheets are “used to analyze numeric information and help make meaningful business decisions based on the analysis.” (Haag & Perry, “Microsoft Office Excel 2003”) It is a tool for data analysis. Applications: financial analysis of stock portfolios, manufacturing and production...
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