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Commonly used when working with long or wide

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Unformatted text preview: Axis Choose Secondary Axis from the Format Data Series window Format Plot Area and Data Series 26 OMIS2000 Excel Notes Jessica Gahtan OMIS2000 To change the fill color or texture choose Fill and then, for example, choose picture to get the wood texture for the columns Format X- and Y- Axes The same technique applies. Right click on one of the axes and choose Format Axis 27 Excel Notes Jessica Gahtan OMIS2000 Add Data to the Chart Right click Choose Select Data Change the range in the chart data range window 28 Excel Notes Jessica Gahtan OMIS2000 Support Red Lion Pub 1. Open RedLionPub.xls 2. Create a Line Chart to compare the food and alcohol sales over the given two weeks. 3. Add a new column: amount of tips per day. Add the corresponding line to the graph. 4. Add a new column: tips as a % of total sales. Add the data series to the graph with a second vertical axis. Show how to change the fonts, scale, size, legend manually Updating a Chart • When you update the data in a spreadsheet, the chart will be updated automatically. • Try changing some data for the Red Lion Pub! GOOD DATA PRESENTATION Example - Bar Chart 45% 40% 35% Not Zero 30% 25% 20% Marshall Smith Jones Candidate Truncation • In this graph the vertical axis has been truncated which distorts the relative heights of the bars • This gives the impression that Marshall’s lead over Smith and Jones is greater...
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