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Data tables can be used along with templates to vary

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Unformatted text preview: examining them, both in table form and as data visualizations – Subtotals within the data set – Tables of summary results – Graphs of summary results Subtotals • Consider the Sales database for clothing sales transactions (from last class) • Suppose we want to summarize our results to show total sales (in $ and # of units) by each salesperson • In order to do this, the first step would be to organize (sort) our data by salesperson • Recall: the Sort feature we learned last class Recall: Sorting Data • Arranging data in a specific sequence enables managers to assess information efficiently and make key decisions. Using Subtotals to Analyze a List • Subtotals offer several list summary features. • The Subtotals command produces subtotal statistics for identified groups. 44 Excel Notes • Jessica Gahtan OMIS2000 The Subtotals command creates the appropriate formula automatically Using Subtotals to Analyze a List when it senses a the value specified field. change in of a 45 Excel Notes Jessica Gahtan OMIS2000 Subtotals (multiple levels) • We can create several levels of subtotals to capture different things. • Suppose we want to also see average sales amounts ($) in each collection for each salesperson • Do we have the right sort for this? • Let’s start again... Recall: Sorting Data (Multiple Levels) Making Comparisons • Is it easy to see the values to make comparisons and draw conclusions? • How would you rather have these results represented? • Fortunately, th...
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