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Figure 112 the help window see callouts for specific

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Unformatted text preview: found in this tab. Insert: Contains commands used when inserting objects such as charts, circles, or arrows onto a worksheet. Page Layout: Provides access to commands used to prepare a worksheet for printing. Formulas: Provides access to mathematical functions and formula auditing tools. Data: Provides access to sorting commands. In addition, this tab contains features used to import data from external sources such as Microsoft Access. Review: Provides access to commands such as Spell Check and Track Changes. View: Contains commands used for adjusting the visual appearance of your Excel screen. For example, this tab contains the Zoom icon, which is identical to the Zoom icon in MS Word. When the cursor is placed over any icon, a screen tip will appear; screen tips will include any available keyboard shortcuts. Quick Access Toolbar (Figure 1.6) contains icons such as Save and Undo; toolbar may be customized by adding additional icons by clicking the down arrow on the right side of the toolbar and selecting the Customize Quick Access Toolbar option. 6 Excel Notes Jessica Gahtan File Menu - File Menu Commands o Accessed by the Office button OMIS2000 Excel Help - The Help Window o Accessed via Help icon or the F1 key - The Search Button o Allows you to find topics of interest 7 Excel Notes Jessica Gahtan OMIS2000 Reference tool that you can use to research various commands. Figure 1.12 The Help Window See callouts for specific points; notice the location (upper right corner) of the Help icon. Search button assists you in finding topics of interest. Either method (Help icon or F1) will access the Office Online database. Spreadsheet Terminology E4 Row - horizontal axis (designated by numbers) Column - vertical axis (designated by letters) Cell - intersection of row and column (designated by an address comprised of th...
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