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OMIS-Excel Notes-Linda's

Or we wanted averages instead would a different way of

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Unformatted text preview: field in a record) • Several techniques may help, depending on your needs: – Sorting – Vlookup – Filtering Freezing Rows and Columns - Freeze Panes • Freeze Panes is used to prevent row 1 from moving off the screen when scrolling down the worksheet. – Commonly used when working with long or wide worksheets. – This feature allows you to lock a specific row and column when scrolling up and down or left and right. Open: Sales.xls – Navigating 36 Excel Notes Jessica Gahtan OMIS2000 • Ctrl + Home gets you to cell A1 • Ctrl + End gets you to the bottom right of a range • Ctrl + (up arrow) gets you to the rightmost entry before a blank • Ctrl + (down arrow) gets you to the last/lowest entry before a blank Sorting Data • Arranging data in a specific sequence enables managers to assess information efficiently and make key decisions. Sorting Data (Multiple Levels) Recall: VLOOKUP VLOOKUP (A,B,C): vertical lookup function 37 Excel Notes Jessica Gahtan OMIS2000 A – value B – range C – column number If A matches the value in the first column of B, then return the value in the Cth column of B. An Order Form • Design an order form to input orders of products for this company. • What information would you store in the database? What would one record represent? What fields would there be in the table? • What would you enter into the order form? What would you want to be automatically entered? Note: ER diagrams (lectures 8- 12) help us to document and define the conceptual structure of our database “Understanding the organizat...
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