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Unformatted text preview: than it is 45% Support 40% 35% 30% 25% 29 20% Marshall Smith Candidate Jones Excel Notes Jessica Gahtan OMIS2000 Example - Bar Chart Truncations • Truncation is possible with many types of graphs > Line graphs > Scatter plots > Histograms > Bar charts Example - Pie Charts • Consider the following example depicting the geographic breakdown of a firm’s sales in two years: • 2001 Sales 2003 Sales Other Other 13% 13% North America North America 40% Asia Asia 44% 20% 20% Europe Europe 23% 27% 30 Excel Notes Jessica Gahtan • Here is the data: North America Europe Asia Other Total 2001 65 35 30 20 150 OMIS2000 2003 65 45 33 22 165 From the News (Toronto Star, September 28, 2004, Business section p.1) 31 Excel Notes Jessica Gahtan OMIS2000 (Toronto Star, September 28, 2004, Business section p.1) Creative Graph • Advertisement published in “PC Magazine” Kyo Xerox L HP P RINTING SOLU Are you feeling sick? How does Canada compare to the rest of the world? Thinking of missing school? Think again! (If you live in England, anyway…) 32 Excel Notes Jessica Gahtan OMIS2000 How much electricity is Ontario using right now? • The facts: • This one is fun! Where does my electricity come from? http://media.cns- Data Visualization and the Web •...
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