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Unformatted text preview: g a List with AutoFilter Using Custom AutoFilters • Custom AutoFilters allow users to specify criteria using any of the six relational operators. • A relational operator compares two values, and the expression containing the values and the conditional operator result in either true or false. 42 Excel Notes Jessica Gahtan OMIS2000 Printing Row and Column Titles on Each Page Sorting and Filtering Using Conditional Formatting • It is possible to apply sorting and filtering commands to data using a conditional filter – Use the Sort by Color option to group highlighted records – Sort the field in ascending order to arrange data bars – Use the Filter by Color option to display only highlighted records Once conditional formatting has been applied to a column, sorting and filtering commands can be used. If the conditional format uses a color, the Sort by Color option orders highlighted records together. To apply the sort, display the filter arrows, click the arrow for the conditionally formatted column you wish to sort, point to Sort by Color, and then click the desired fill color. If the conditional format uses data bars, sorting the column by value will arrange the data bars in ascending or descending fashion. Applying the Filter by Color command applies a filter to display only highlighted records. What did we learn? • Data Validation • Tables • Freeze Panes • Sorting • Filtering Exploring Excel 2010 • Chapter 4 – Large Datasets 43 Excel Notes – – Jessica Gahtan OMIS2000 Excel Tables Table Manipulation and Aggregation OMIS2000- Week 5: Quantitative Data Analysis Approaches; Data Aggregation Large Data Sets • Last class we learned how to navigate and organize large data sets • Today our focus will be on generating summary results from large data sets and...
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