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Specify the type of data that a user

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Unformatted text preview: George and Sally are married. They compared the hours each spends doing all their activities in a typical 168- hour week. George's week is displayed on the outer circle. Sally's hours are on the inner circle. Graphing in Excel • Highlight range of data to be used for graph, including labels 24 Excel Notes • Jessica Gahtan OMIS2000 Go to Insert and choose the chart type from the chart tool bar (Insert- >Chart). Advertising Agency Exercise 1) Open Advertising_Agency.xls 2) Compute sales totals for each sales representative. 3) Create a graph to compare the total sales of each representative. What graph type would be appropriate? Choosing a Chart Type Various chart types available in Excel are: – Bar Chart – Column Chart – Line Chart – Pie Chart – Doughnut Chart – Scatter Chart – Cone, Cylinder, and Pyramid Charts – Surface Chart Formatting Charts • Formatting can significantly enhance the appearance of charts • In the previous lecture, we learned how appropriate formatting can often make the difference between a mediocre and professional- looking spreadsheet • The same rule applies to charts! Titles and Legends • Help the user identify the information set forth in the chart • To increase readability, adjustments may need to be made 25 Excel Notes – – Jessica Gahtan There are many ways to apply formatting commands to any area of a chart The best method to use ultimately depends on your preference and needs Format the Data Series Place the cursor on one of the columns and click on the right click button. Choose Format Data Series Add a Secondary...
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