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OMIS-Excel Notes-Linda's

Table 413 shows an excel table in default format

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Unformatted text preview: Google analytics • Manyeyes.com Find an interesting example of data visualization. Or create your own. Share it with the class! What did we learn? • Graphs and charts – Types – Good data presentation – Formatting: • Labeling data points • Changing scales on axes • 2 different vertical axes on same graph • Add a data set • Data visualization and the web Exploring Excel 2010 • Chapter 3 (all sections) GROUP PROJECT • Analysis of a real data set • Scenario: new choreographies competition results • Expectations: 33 Excel Notes Jessica Gahtan OMIS2000 Generate insights Address specific questions/concerns (how to improve evaluation process) • Deliverable: – Management report (4 page maximum) – Tables, graphs etc. (appendices) DUE DATES • Teams across sections are permitted, but the assignment is due at the earliest due date/time of any group member • Official Due Date: November 13/14 (week 9) – Submit hard copy in class – Benefit: will be graded first • Optional Extension: November 20/21 (week 10) – Will be graded second • Officially Late: if not submitted by class Nov 20/21 – Minus 10% (2.5 points) per day (or part thereof) late, including weekends, holidays etc. DO YOU HAVE A GROUP? • Submit a list of group members (NOW!) • Put your name on the list if you don’t have a group yet - > this list will be posted on the CMD so you can connect with others to form groups (please use your full name as it appears in the Schulich address book) • Email me your group list once it’s formed so I know I can take you...
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