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Unformatted text preview: ith the formulas Step 2: • Add total column and % food • 11 Excel Notes Jessica Gahtan OMIS2000 • Insert column for pre- tax total and compute • Rename sheets with more meaningful names Step 3: • Compute monthly totals • Improve formatting (numbers, percentages; column width adjustment; bold; colour) • Note: less is more when formatting (format for clarity; avoid overuse of colour - > business applications/insight vs. a work of art) Step 4: • Examine effect of changing an element (Sept. 25 data) • Rename tax rates using named range • Try conditional formatting (e.g., change font colour when food sales<$500; don’t use red, as this means negative!) When you are done you will have something that looks like version 2! Exercise 2: 1) Create a new workbook. 2) Name the workbook “Fall_2006”. 3) Create and label four worksheets. 4) Name worksheet #1 “Dec 06”. Name worksheet #2 “Sep 06”. Name worksheet #3 “Oct 06”. Name worksheet #4 “Nov 06”. 5) Open a new workbook “Spring_2006”. 6) Go back to workbook “Fall_2006” and move the worksheets so that the sheets are in month order (Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec). 7) Add four more worksheets to the “Fall_2006” workbook. 8) Name the worksheets Jan 06, Feb 06, Mar 06, April 06. 9) Move these new worksheets into the “Spring_2006” workbook. 10) In “Spring_2006” workbook, worksheet Jan06 11) 12) Use the Sum function to add up the totals for the departments and the budget categories. 13) Bold and increase the size of the fonts for the total figures. 14) Save changes....
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