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Time comments can be attached to each cell insert

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Unformatted text preview: own menus – Ctrl- C and Ctrl- V – Fill handle (square at bottom right corner of cell) Insert and Delete • Highlight where you want to insert a row or column and select Insert and either Row or Column from pulldown menus • Highlight cells, row or column you want deleted and select Edit and then Delete from pulldown menus • Note: when deleting cells, Excel prompts you to decide how to shift remaining cells after deleting selection Calculations • Begin with = sign • Use standard arithmetic operators (+,- ,*,/,(),^) • Hint: Be careful to avoid circular references (Excel will flag and warn you!) Formulas and Calculations • Click on a cell to see how it is computed in box above spreadsheet • F2 function key – shows computation directly at cell; colour codes each input cell and highlights each with its own colour within the spreadsheet • Formulas - Predefined functions for common mathematical calculations etc. - Begin with = sign - Can take one or more attributes - Can refer to cells within the spreadsheet, other sheets within the workbook, or even combinations from multiple workbooks o E.g. SUM(range) Formula Help 9 Excel Notes Jessica Gahtan OMIS2000 If you know the formula, type it with the = sign – Clicking on the = sign beside the formula bar (“Edit Formula”) will open a dialog box with a brief explanation and help with the attributes and their order • If you don’t know the formula, – Use the fx (“Paste Function”) button to search for the formula in Excel’s database • For a more detailed des...
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