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Unformatted text preview: e row number and column letter e.g. A1, D4) Block/Range - a rectangular group of one or more cells (identified by block coordinates (e.g. A1:G4) What are they used for? Accountants or as we lovingly call them “beancounters”, use these for all their work. God forbid. Researchers like epidemiologists will start by putting their data into Excel to clean up and sort the way they want. They can then do statistical analysis on the data using Excel, or copying it into SPSS or SASS—the big daddy statistical analysis packages. Spreadsheets work great for any situation that includes numbers that need to be summarized, averaged, charted, etc. for reports and such. The spreadsheets can be put into Word by copying and pasting. Excel also lets you print out huge tables like schedules to one page. Here are some examples of spreadsheets. Spreadsheet Terminology • Label - alphanumeric • Value - a number or formula result • Formula - creates relationships among other cells • Template - a notebook that has labels, formulas, and all of the formatting but no actual data (e.g. actual figures and numbers) • Worksheets - Excel stores data in files called worksheets Cell References 8 Excel Notes Jessica Gahtan OMIS2000 You can refer to cells from other sheets (e.g. Sheet1!A1) and other workbooks (e.g. [Book1]Sheet1!A1) Relative and Absolute References • - A1 – row and column change when copied and pasted (relative reference) • $A$1 – row and column stay the same when copied and pasted (absolute reference) • Combinations: – $A1 only row changes – A$1 only column changes • Cells can be referred to a number of ways: – Type in the column and row – Click on the cell • F4 function key: an easy way to toggle between the choices in absolute vs relative references Copy and Paste • Multiple ways to achieve the same objective: – Pulld...
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