04.08.08 - Postmodernism Intro: shift in mainstream...

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Postmodernism Intro: shift in mainstream architecture Harvey – try to understand broad artistic production + architectural production that changes the structure of the economy, productional framework Take on Spectacle Urban context in reference with high modernism (ie Brasilia) 2 nd Generation: emphasize on process Fiscal logical shift in high modernism, out of Shoun from problem solving to problem setting – the nature of setting up becomes the problem => creates an augmentative, becomes core of the design process. Resetting the problem as a process…. . design is no longer a linear process, Art based and little of the process that results Ex. Guild House, Venturi Scott Brown and Assoc. interest in the mass produce architecture, believe in ordinary landscape and look at the visual culture, “billboard” façade – the surface as the meaning to the building, systems of meaning, system of communication that speaks to the people => trying to find a language that comes out popular culture Ex. Las Vegas Strip as the new spaces of American cities and should be embraced; argued Vegas as the ultimate strip – mapping the building transmitting memory, looked at the signs, desnsity – through variables of light; learning from Las Vegas – applied sign-ification on the front, architecture is about seeing, so the highway has an architecture also, duck as modernism – building becomes a sculptural form => Object set modernism – attesting ideas of high modernism, crafting language to the mass, getting rid of the exclusiveness of high modernism* * * Critique: Function was based on corporation and business, trying to finding the inner core of architecture (independent to only the architecture, vision of what architecture can be, a discipline) Peter Eisenman – 9 square grid exploration, trying to look at “pure” vocabulary to make buildings; a vocabulary made of systems and placing rules; descriptive normative language that give form o Ex. Wexner Center – exploration of destruction, unsettling the assume
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04.08.08 - Postmodernism Intro: shift in mainstream...

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