Project2 Review-Step1

Annoyance soluons install premium service customized

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Unformatted text preview: ” ²་  Age 45 ²་  Lives in Geist ²་  Italian family with 4 Kids, wife, and his mother living at home ²་  Owns the largest distributor of fruit for Indiana ²་  Has a large, social family ²་  Business takes up large majority of :me ²་  Keeping family safe and children out of trouble prioriites ²་  Price is of no concern Needs: ²་  Wants a system to take over most of the work of running security and some automated processes of house ²་  Wants his wife to easily be able to handle the system as well ²་  Balance of security vs. annoyance Solu>ons: ²་  Install premium service customized to their lifestyle ²་  Teach the...
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