Experimental designs pre experimental one shot case

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Unformatted text preview: fication of Experimental Designs Just need to know the overall categories, not the subtypes. Experimental Designs Pre Experimental •One-Shot Case Study •One Group PretestPosttest •Static Group True Experimental •Pretest-Posttest Control Group •Posttest-Only Control Group Statistical •Factorial Design Quasi-Experimental •Time Series •Multiple Time Series 4 Applications • Test Marketing − standard test markets − controlled test markets − simulated test markets People use these a lot in test markets. A test market is the last step in the product development step before you launch a product nationally, you debut it in select cities and see how they react. You fine tune pricing, advertising campaigns, and see how they sell, they send different versions of an ad to different groups. This takes a long time and when they're in the field, competitors can see the new product. Competitive sabotage becomes a big issue, 2 ways it can happen: competitors will buy all the product (so the people testing will think they are really popular when they're not), competitors offer huge promotions that are hard to pass up so no one will buy them (makes the company think the popularity is a lot lower than it really is cause its actual a good product and the competitor wants to have time to launch his product). This is a big problem with standard test markets because they are in the field and can be manipulated. Simulated test markets: this is the new thing, they still run the field experiment but they simulate a store environment in a huge lab so it gets about the same effects. They can create a wal-mart environment, a kroger environment, whatever store they are trying to test for. This keeps competition from sabotaging and they are a lot faster than standard experiment. 5...
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