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Once we know all of these concepts advertisting

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Unformatted text preview: is no other explanation. Once we know all of these concepts… Advertisting affects a person's awareness. Concepts in Experimentation • Independent Variable (IV) • Dependent Variable (DV) • Test Units • An experimental design is determined. It is a set of procedures specifying −the test units and how these units are to be divided into homogeneous subsamples; −what independent variables or treatments are to be manipulated; −what dependent variables are to be measured; and −how the extraneous variables are to be controlled. • Experimental effects Limitations of Experimentation • Time-consuming • Expensive • Difficult to administer • Contaminated − Competitive sabotage! Limitations: it takes a long time to do an experiment, you have to get a randomized sample, you have to assign people to a variable or control, as a result, this costs a lot more money. So its difficult to administer because you have to bring people in. The biggest interference people get is having other people involved (this is when your in the field--real life environment). Competition sabatoge is when the competition can see it in the field and sabatoge the experiment. 2 Goals of Experimentation • Internal Validity −the extent to which competing explanations for the experimental results observed can be avoided −Draw valid conclusions about the effects of the IV −Lab experiments • External Validity −can the causal relationships measured in an experiment be generalized to outside persons, settings, and times 2 goals: (they completely counter each other) Internal validity: (measure whats its supposed to measure=validity) an internally valid experiment is one that is tryin...
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