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1 to 5 multiple choice scales advantages take out

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Unformatted text preview: degree of likelyhood you are going to buy something. 1 to 5 Multiple Choice Scales advantages: take out vague answers or bias, much easier to code • Adv/Disadv disadvantages: jogging peoples memories, if you give a list of designers, you might remember one you wouldnt have known before if you make list of car models and forget to include theirs, question answer could be wrong. benefits out way disadvantages though in structured. Dichotomous Questions dich means two…. but sometimes a maybe • A dichotomous question has only two response alternatives: yes or no, agree or disagree, and so on. • Often, the two alternatives of interest are supplemented by a neutral alternative, such as “no opinion,” “don't know,” “both,” or “none.” Do you intend to buy a new car within the next six months? _____ Yes _____ No _____ Don't know 6 Multiple-Choice Questions given a list to choose. check one or check all that apply • In multiple-choice questions, the researcher provides a choice of...
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