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survey design and measurement serena's notes

Answer decide on the question structure determine the

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Unformatted text preview: ure Determine the Question Wording Arrange the Questions in Proper Order Step Details: Determine Question Wording dont want to use jargon: fat, phat. • Wording must be clear, unambiguous and ordinary No jargon • Avoid biasing the respondent put questions both positive and negative. • Avoid implicit alternatives and implicit assumptions • Avoid generalizations and estimates • Use dual statements where some are stated positively and negatively Choosing Question Wording Use Ordinary Words “Do you think the distribution of soft drinks is adequate?” (Incorrect) “Do you think soft drinks are readily available when you want to buy them?” (Correct) 17 Choosing Question Wording Use Unambiguous Words In a typical month, how often do you shop in department stores? _____ Never _____ Occasionally _____ Sometimes _____ Often _____ Regularly (Incorrect) how many times do you shop there in a month?- correct dont say do you shop there regularly? regularly can mean different things for each person. per day. per month. I...
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