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survey design and measurement serena's notes

Determine type of interviewing method personal

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Unformatted text preview: d constraints? • Determine Type of Interviewing Method Personal, telephone, electronic, etc. Step Details • Determine Individual Question Content is the question necessary? Is the question sufficient to get the information we need? is every question necessary? badly written questions: 4 things in one question double barrel question: do you think cocacola is a tasty AND refreshing drink? • Avoid double-barreled questions. 3 Are Several Questions Needed Instead of One? • Sometimes, several questions are needed to obtain the required information in an unambiguous manner. Consider the question, “Do you think Coca-Cola is a tasty and refreshing soft drink?” (Incorrect) • Such a question is called a double-barreled question, because two or more questions are combined into one. To obtain the required information, two distinct questions should be asked: “Do you think Coca-Cola is a tasty soft drink?” and “Do you think Coca-Cola is a refreshing soft drink?” (Correct) Step Details • Inability to Answer is the respondent informed on the...
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