survey design and measurement serena's notes

Survey design and measurement serena's notes

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Unformatted text preview: he likes more. coke because she ___ Dr. Pepper chose it more. 10 Rank Order Scaling its hard to rank more than 7 items… rank 1 to 7.. 1 to 25 is hard. • Respondents are presented with several objects simultaneously and asked to order or rank them according to some criterion. havent heard of any of these except crest and colgate. Instructions Rank the various brands of toothpaste in order of preference. Begin by picking out the one brand that you like most and assign it a number 1. Then find the second most preferredbrand and assign it a number 2. Continue this procedure until you have ranked all the brands of toothpaste in order of preference. The least preferred brand should be assigned a a rank of 10. No two brands should receive the same rank number. The criteria of preference is entirely up to you. There is no right or wrong answer— Just try to be consistent. Brand 1. Crest 2. Colgate 3. Aim 4. Mentadent 5. Macleans 6. Ultra Brite 7. Close Up 8. Pepsodent 9. Plus White 10. Stripe Rank Order Constant Sum Scaling • Respondents allocate a constant sum of units, such as 100 points, to attribute...
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