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Specify the information needed put it in the words

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Unformatted text preview: ritten a good survey. Specify the Information Needed put it in the words that are easy to understand and words that the respondents know. Specify the Type of Interviewing Method Determine the Content of Individual Questions Design the Question to Overcome the Respondent’s Inability and Unwillingness to Answer Decide on the Question Structure Determine the Question Wording Arrange the Questions in Proper Order 2 Questionnaire Design Process (cont.) dont put too many questions on a page. does it look pretty? Identify the Form and Layout 5 to 10 people fill out survey, are there any mistakes? Reproduce the Questionnaire do you understand what the question is asking. Eliminate Bugs by Pretesting ask client to see it, make sure everyone approves it and then send Obtain Approval of all Relevant Parties it all out. Prepare Final Questionnaire Copy Implement the Final Survey Step Details we have to know resources and constraints • Specify the Information needed What are survey objectives, resources an...
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