survey design and measurement serena's notes

Use randomized techniques use third person have you

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Unformatted text preview: onse categories rather than asking for specific figures. • Use randomized techniques. use third person- have you ever shop lifted? change to: do you know anyone that has ever shoplifted? important!! Step Details: Determine Question Structure structured: all your questions should be multiple choice, close ended Questions Unstructured Multiple Choice unstructured: open ended questions. Structured Dichotomous Scales 5 Unstructured (Open-Ended) Questions hard for the respondent to answer and us to analyze open can of worms. • Respondents are asked to reply in his/her own words What type of car do you drive? __________ mercedes or mercedes e350 2014 • Advantages/Disadvantages “not enough, yes please” open ended questions Sex?________________ cant ask sex? we mean male or female, people say yes please though Structured Questions • Respondents choose from a pre-specified list of answers Dichotomous dichotomous: choosing from two options, female male, yes or no multiple choice: 3 or more options. scale:...
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