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Which brands of cars will you consider check all that

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Unformatted text preview: answers and respondents are asked to select one or more of the alternatives given. Which brand(s) of cars will you consider? (check all that apply) ____ Ford ____ Chevrolet ____ Cadillac ____ Honda ____ Porsche ____ Other (please specify)_________ Scaled-Response Questions feeling towards a topic, “do you intend to buy a car in the next • Scales are a type of multiple choice question where the choices are designed to capture the intensity of the respondent’s answers, such as attitudes or intentions Do you intend to buy a new car within the next six months? Definitely will not buy 1 Probably will not buy 2 Undecided 3 Probably will buy 4 Scaling and Measurement Scaling involves creating a continuum upon which measured objects are located. Definitely will buy 5 scaling: each persons spot along that continum.. 1 to 100 measurement: is where you would answer your question Measurement means assigning numbers or other symbols to characteristics of objects according to certain pre-specified rules. One-to-one corr...
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