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Biggest difference is if you are comapring a brand

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Unformatted text preview: and have only ordinal or rank order properties. biggest difference is if you are comapring a brand comparative or comparative: assocaiting different brands in the same question. pepsi and coke on a scale of 1 to 7. In noncomparative scales, each object is scaled independently of the others in the stimulus set. The resulting data are generally assumed to be interval or ratio scaled. Paired Comparison Scaling noncomparative: 1 to 7 with coke, 1 to 7 with pepsi more than two brands being assessed. most commonly used • A respondent is presented with two objects and asked to select one according to some criterion. • Paired comparison scaling is the most widely used comparative scaling technique. 3*(3-1) / 2= 3 • With n brands, [n(n - 1) /2] paired comparisons are required. limitation will probably be 4 brands and 6 pairs. For each pair, which brand do you prefer? comparative: coke vs pepsi, coke vs dr peper. ___ Coke ___ Pepsi ___ Coke ___ Dr. Pepper ___ Pepsi you can determine a rank which one s...
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