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Check the box circle the number itemized rating

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Unformatted text preview: surveys are itemized. check the box, circle the number. Itemized Rating Scales itemized as INTERVAL SCALES! numbers fall on the continuom • The respondents are provided with a scale that has a number or brief description associated with each category. and numbers have a certain distant between each other. • The categories are ordered in terms of scale position, and the respondents are required to select the specified category that best describes the object being rated. • The commonly used itemized rating scales are the Likert, semantic differential, and Stapel scales. eCollege. typically a 5 point scale. your agreement to things. Likert Scale The Likert scale requires the respondents to indicate a degree of agreement or disagreement with each of a series of statements about the stimulus objects. Strongly Disagree disagree Neither Agree agree nor Strongly agree if its 7 points, then it is called a 7 Likert Scale Likert Scale is always 5 points. disagree 1. Sears sells high quality merchandise. 1...
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