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Per day per month in a typical month how often do you

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Unformatted text preview: n a typical month, how often do you shop in department stores? _____ Less than once _____ 1 or 2 times _____ 3 or 4 times _____ More than 4 times (Correct) Choosing Question Wording Avoid Leading or Biasing Questions • A leading question is one that clues the respondent to what the answer should be, as in the following: makes people feel guilty. Do you think that patriotic Americans should buy imported automobiles when that would put American labor out of work? _____ Yes _____ No _____ Don't know (Incorrect) Do you think that Americans should buy imported automobiles? _____ Yes _____ No _____ Don't know (Correct) Choosing Question Wording Avoid Implicit Alternatives • An alternative that is not explicitly expressed in the options is an implicit alternative. 1. make you feel guilty. people are freezing around the world. 20 minutes. are you walking, driving, biking? dont want to assume anything. Do you like to fly when traveling short distances? (Incorrect) 2. not putting a constant on...
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