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Respondent at ease main questions easy related to the

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Unformatted text preview: se Main Questions: Easy Related to the information needed but easy to answer To focus on the survey topic and reassure the respondent that survey is easy Who in your household does most of the shopping for groceries? How important Is each of the following factors in selecting a supermarket? 19 Question Type Function Example Main questions: Related to the More difficult information needed but may be difficult to answer Nature To obtain the rest of the information needed How would you rank order the following eight supermarkets in terms of your preference to shop? Psychographics Not relevant in /Lifestyles all surveys To obtain personality related information Please indicate your degree of dis/agreement with the following statements Demographics Personal information To classify the respondents What was your household’s total annual last year? Identification Information Name, address, telephone To identify the respondent Name: Questionnaire Design Process (cont.) Identify the Form and Layout Reproduc...
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