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survey design and measurement serena's notes

Survey has to be related to objectives it is our

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Unformatted text preview: king information? survey has to be related to objectives. it is our necessary decision. • Does it consider the respondent? take into account respondent. if you make them made, they will give you bad responses Interesting, concise, logical flow make sure the questions are interesting. • Is it designed with the accuracy and ease of data entry in mind? coding and editing issues logical order. Make sure it flows. make the survey easy to make sure you understand responses open ended questions are harder to understand. Objectives • The questionnaire must translate the information needed into a set of specific questions that the respondent can and will answer yes they can answer the question, but they wont. dont make respondent feel awkward. encourage you to review it. make survey fun and light. • It must uplift, motivate and encourage the respondent to cooperate and complete the interview minimize response mistake. • It should minimize response error Questionnaire Design Process it will help to ensure you have w...
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