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They have no signicant meaning though are you

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Unformatted text preview: umber. nominal scales have numbers, they serve as a category label. they have NO significant meaning though. Are you satisfied with your present diet? ___Y when you ask peoples gender, male and female, it is nominal scale ___ N (where 1=y, and 2=n) all you can do is COUNT with nominal scale. basic andasimple… CATEGORIES 8 Ordinal Scales • These are nominal scales that can order the data. Typically a rank is a nominal scale that puts the categories into an order the numbers now have meaning. the numbers themselves are important. the numbers show most important to least important Numbers have meaning Rank the following foods in order of preference (1=most preferred, 4=least) ___ Carrots ___ Cupcakes ___ Fish ___ Macaroni and Cheese Interval Scales • These are ordinal scales with equal intervals between points to show relative amounts. when we talk about scale questions, we talk about interval scale. distant between numbers are the same!! 2.6 2.7 has meaning. intervals between the points. Z...
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