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Unformatted text preview: personal interviews) Methods (Cont.) • Mail − Mail interviews − Mail panels • Electronic Methods Internet Telephone: this is usually a voice one, so not automated where you press buttons. The traditional one is where a person calls the respondent and fills out the survey according to their answers. CATI: Respondent gets called and its filled out on the computer and switches with their answers. (Fundraising and selling under the guise of research is illegal). Personal: Face-to-face. The in-home surveys you now have to contact the respondent ahead of time and set an appointment for safety reasons. This are typically longer, like 30 minutes to an hour (not a depth interview, same questions, and structure) Mall-intercept: doesn't have to be at the mall, but its where you get the people while they're doing something. CAPI: this is like when you leave disney world or something they have surveys on a computer for you to fill out (or like the ones at Gaylord ICE). Mail: This is not as common anymore because people just throw them away. These are sometimes a trifold in a magazine with tons of questions. Mail panels: do this throw this mail with the same people over time. Email: send it in the email or send the link in the email. The link turns it into an Internet method. Qualitrics: (we can access this through This can do a lot more with surveys that others like survey monkey. − Email − Internet (e.g., survey monkey, Qualtrics) 2 CATS: voice recording and you press buttons. Self-administered: like the Pita-to-go survey where we fill it out by ourselves without questions and help. Other Methods • Completely Automated Telephone Survey (CATS) • Wireless Phone Interview − Voice based, text base...
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