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Unformatted text preview: d • In Office Interview • Central Location Interview (e.g., trade show) • Kiosk-based Computer Interviewing (InTouch) • Fax Interviews • Drop-Off/ Self-Administered Criteria for Judging Survey Methods • Quantity of Data • Flexibility • Response Rate • Diversity of Questions • Perceived Anonymity • Use of Physical Stimuli • Social Desirability/ Sensitive Information • Control −sample • Interviewer Bias Potential −data collection environment • Speed −field force • Cost Improving Response Rates Methods of Improving Response Rates Prior Notification Incentives Monetary Prepaid Follow-up Nonmonetary Promised Other Facilitators There are companies that will only do a certain kind of surveys and they are very stubborn on it, so you should consider what your client wants you to do. Flexibility: Variety of the structure of questions of what you can ask and what they can answer. Can people skip questions...etc. You can be more flexibility with surveys with a person overlooking them like an interviewer. Diversity of questions: (for an over the phone interview it would be hard to rank 30 things, for example) The ability you have to interact with the survey based on your method. Use of physical stimuli: (on the PTG survey we couldn't see the food, we couldn't taste test the food if it came through the mail, or the internet) You can only do these in person, or limit it to eye sight through mail or internet surveys. Control: (sample) how you can make sure the person filling out the survey is the target market you want for that survey if you cant actually see them filling it out. (environment) if the person is distracted by the things going on around them or other computer windows, etc. (field force) this is concerns from the interviewer,...
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