survey design and measurement

Determine type of interviewing method personal

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Unformatted text preview: t are survey objectives, resources and constraints? • Determine Type of Interviewing Method − Personal, telephone, electronic, etc. Step Details • Determine Individual Question Content − is the question necessary? − Is the question sufficient to get the information we need? • Avoid double-barreled questions. You have to define what information you need because not all the objectives can be met through surveys, so you have to define which of those your going to satisfy through surveys. Also want to understand resources and constraints to the survey method. And how you are going to design the survey depending on those constraints. This is figuring out the scope of the questions in general (the content of the survey). You want to make sure that all the information is necessary to what you are trying to figure out. Have to think about being concise, don't combine questions to try to save space (double-barreled questions). 3 Are Several Questions Needed Instead of One? If you say 'no' to this question the researcher doesn't know if you don't think its tasty or if you don't think its refreshing. • Sometimes, several questions are needed to obtain the required information in an unambiguous manner. Consider the question, “Do you think Coca-Cola is a tasty and refreshing soft drink?” (Incorrect) • Such a question is called a double-barreled question, because two or more questions are combined into one. To obtain the required information, two distinct questions should be asked: “Do you think Coca-Cola is a tasty soft drink?” and “Do you think Coca-Cola is a refreshing soft drink?” (Correct) Step Details • Inability to Answer Have to make sure the respondents are willing and able to answer the question. Ability: are they informed on the survey topic? − is the respondent informed on the survey topic − can the respondent remember? − Can the respondent articulate the response? • Unwillingness to Answer − too much effort required to answer the question − context Try to avoid someone's unwillingness to respond to a question (drinks in gallons because that takes too much time to calculate it all). If you dont feel there is a purpose for a question you aren't going to answer it. − won’t answer if response doesn’t appear to serve a legitimate purpose − sensitive information • ways to increase willingness Overcoming Inability To Answer Can the Respondent Remember? How many gallons of soft drinks did you consume during the last four weeks? (Incorrect) How often do you consume soft drinks in a typical week? (Correct) 1. ___ Less than once a week 2. ___ 1 to 3 times per week 3. ___ 4 to 6 times per week 4. ___ 7 or more times per week 4 Overcoming Unwillingness To Answer Please list all the departments from which you purchased merchandise on your most recent shopping trip to a department store. (Incorrect) In the list that follows, please check all the departments from which you purchased merchandise on your most recent shopping trip to a department store. 1. 2. 3. 4. . . . 16. 17. Women's dresses Men's apparel Children's apparel Cosmetics ____ ____ ____ ____ Jewelry Other (please specify) ____ ____ (Correct) I...
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