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survey design and measurement

Incorrect do you think soft drinks are readily

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Unformatted text preview: Choosing Question Wording Use Ordinary Words “Do you think the distribution of soft drinks is adequate?” (Incorrect) “Do you think soft drinks are readily available when you want to buy them?” (Correct) 17 Choosing Question Wording Use Unambiguous Words In a typical month, how often do you shop in department stores? _____ Never _____ Occasionally _____ Sometimes _____ Often _____ Regularly (Incorrect) In a typical month, how often do you shop in department stores? _____ Less than once _____ 1 or 2 times _____ 3 or 4 times _____ More than 4 times (Correct) Choosing Question Wording Avoid Leading or Biasing Questions • A leading question is one that clues the respondent to what the answer should be, as in the following: Do you think that patriotic Americans should buy imported automobiles when that would put American labor out of work? _____ Yes _____ No _____ Don't know (Incorrect) Do you think that Americans should buy imported automobiles? _____ Yes _____ No _____ Don't know (Correct) Choosing Question Wording Avoid Implicit Alternatives • An alternative that is not explicitly expressed in the options is an implicit alternative. 1. Do you like to fly when traveling short distances? (Incorrect) 2. Do you like to fly when traveling short distances, or would you rather drive? (Correct) 18 Choosing Question Wording Avoid Generalizations and Estimates “What is the annual per capita expenditure on groceries in your household?” (Incorrect) “What is the monthly (or weekly) expenditure on groceries in your household?” and “How many members are there in your household?” (Correct) Step Details: Establish Order of Questions • Questions should be positioned logically • The opening questions should be interesting, simple, and non-threatening. −Screener questions • Skip patterns • Prompters at strategic points • Position difficult, sensitive and/or demographic questions should be placed late in the sequence or at end Ordering of Questions Question Type Nature Function Example Qualifying/ Screening Questions Focus on To determine if respondent a respondent is inclusion criteria eligible to participate in the survey Introductory Questions/ warm-ups Broad, easy questions To break the ice How often do you and put the shop for groceries? respondent at ease Main Questions: Easy Related to the information needed but easy to answer To focus on the survey topic and reassure the respondent that survey is easy Who in your household does most of the shopping for groceries? How important Is each of the following factors in selecting a supermarket? 19 Question Type Function Example Main questions: Related to the More difficult information needed but may be difficult to answer Nature To obtain the rest of the information needed How would you rank order the following eight supermarkets in terms of your preference to shop? Psychographics Not relevant in /Lifestyles all surveys To obtain personality related information Please indicate your degree of dis/agreement with the following statements...
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