ART 2. PE-Desarrollo de pensamiento estrate_gico

The students belonged to the faculty of business and

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Unformatted text preview: esearch presents the results of students taking the course of strategic thinking. The students belonged to the faculty of Business and Economy. The methodology for the course was first teaching the text book theory, and then applying it with the use of a technological tool. This tool was a business environment simulation and the results were compared at international level. Finally, the students worked in teams to design the strategic planning of a local business. The main contribution of this research is the methodology and the evidence of the development of strategic thinking in the class. An instrument of evaluation was applied in the class, so the perspective of improvement comes from the student himself. The student identified his achievements and their growth rates are reported in terms of competences: knowledge, ability and attitude towards strategic management. Keywords: strategic thinking, competence evaluation, globalization and strategy. Introducción En los últimos cincuenta...
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This test prep was uploaded on 03/25/2014 for the course SANTANDER 101 taught by Professor Pepito during the Spring '12 term at Universidad Industrial de Santander.

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