Masters prob 36 using the representative capital

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Unformatted text preview: output that maximizes this profit. b. Repeat these calculations and explain your results for the case in which the short- run cost function is given by C(y) = 10y2 + 200y + 200,000 3. (Masters, Prob. 3.6) Using the representative capital costs of power plant and fuels given in the following table, compute the cost of electricity (levelized cost) from the following power plants. For each, assume a fixed charge rate of 0.14/yr. (If you do not know what a fixed charge rate is, please read Section 3.9.1 of Masters’ book.) a. Pulverized coal steam plant with capacity factor CF = 0.7. b. Advanced coal steam plant with CF = 0.8. c. Combined cycle gas plant with CF = 0.5. b. Advanced coal steam plant with CF = 0.8. c. Oil/gas steam plant with CF = 0.5. d. Combined...
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