INT105 syllabus - INT 105 Introduction to International...

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1 INT 105: Introduction to International Studies Instructor Information & Course Overview Instructor: Dr. Florentina Andreescu Office: LH 219 Phone: Email: [email protected] Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 11:00 a.m. 12:00 p.m. Class: Teaching Laboratory 1050 Class Time: Tuesday and Thursday 12:30 1:45 Website: Blackboard Catalogue Description: INT 105. Introduction to International Studies: An introductory, interdisciplinary survey of the main concepts and terminology associated with the broad, interdisciplinary field of international studies, including economic, geo-political, and socio-cultural globalization and the effects of these processes on individuals and communities. Course Overview: This course introduces students to the interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches to international studies. It is designed for students who wish to deepen their understanding of an increasingly interdependent world and broaden their perspective on a variety of international topics. The interrelated topics include international politics and history, global environmental issues, globalization, the global economy, and comparative cultural studies. Student Learning Objectives for this course: the ability to describe, analyze, and propose solution to major global issues arising from globalization, transboundary pollution, climate change, population growth and patterns, international trade and finance, transnational corporations, emerging markets, imperialism, cultural flows, transnational immigration, transnational religions, fundamentalism, and global terrorism. the ability to appreciate and analyze the importance of an international perspective to fields such as political science, economics, environmental studies, history, cultural studies, religious studies, and language studies. the ability to employ interdisciplinary methods of international studies, diverse cultural
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2 frames of reference, and alternate perspectives to think critically, solve problems and enhance one’s understanding of day -to-day life and current events. the ability to understand the impact of individual decisions on the world, and world events on the individual. the ability to use principles or aspects of political science, economics, environmental studies, history, religious studies, and language studies to generate a greater understanding of the self and others, and to accept cultural differences and tolerate cultural ambiguity. the ability to compare and contrast cultural beliefs and practices and their associated social, political, and economic systems; to analyze them critically, and in so doing, recognize that these cultures have their own internal logic. Course Requirements: Your final grade will be based on the following criteria: An in-class mid-term exam (25%): This exam will take place in our regular classroom on the day indicated in the syllabus.
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INT105 syllabus - INT 105 Introduction to International...

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