INT105 syllabus

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Unformatted text preview: g to America Richard J. Payne – Population and Migration Religion and Culture Michael Barkun – Religious Violence and the Myth of Fundamentalism Peter Herriot – Fundamentalism is Global This section focuses on the problems specific to a globalized world society. Growth and the Environment: Allies or Foes? A Special Moment in History The Exploding Cities of the Developing World 7 22 11/13 Inequality in Class, Gender and among Countries 23 11/15 Health 24 11/20 Challenges to Democracy Research Paper Due Connections 25 11/22 Speeding up of Space and Time 26 11/27 The Future 27 11/29 Global Governance and Resistance 28 12/4 29 12/6 30 12/13 Plastic Ocean The Gender and Labor Politics of Postmodernity Richard J. Payne – Global Inequality Urbanization In China 200 Years Shawn Smallman – Health SARS The Rise of Illiberal Democracy Was Democracy just a Moment? Richard J. Payne – Promoting Democracy This section focuses on the interdisciplinary connections on specific global issues. Blinded by the Speed of Light The MIT Media Lab: techno dream factory or alienation as a way of life? Preparing for the 21st Century: Winners and Losers Emerging Technologies: What’s Ahead for 2001-2030 The Promise of Genetics U.S. Global Leadership The Decline and Fall Panopticon Occupy Movement Review Reading Day Final exam 8...
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