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Unformatted text preview: Readings: Textbook Patrick O'Meara et al, eds. Globalization and the Challenges of a New Century (Indianapolis and Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2000. These readings are marked in blue. 2 Additional Readings Many additional required readings will be provided on the website or be linked from the Schedule, Topics, and Readings page. They will be marked in green. Occasionally there will be short videos to watch and linked linked from the Schedule, Topics, and Readings page. They will be marked in pink. Importance of Readings The readings and videos should be completed prior to the class for which they were assigned. The tests and the examination are based on the lectures, readings, and videos. So, not only will the readings and videos prepare students for the lectures and serve as the basis for discussions, but they will also appear on the tests and examination. Course Policies: Grading Scale C+ >= 77.0 A >= 93.0 C >= 73.0 A- >= 90.0 C- >= 70.0 B+ >= 87.0 D+ >= 67.0 B >= 83.0 D >= 63.0 B- >= 80.0 D- >= 60.0 F < 60.0 Late Assignments: Assignments are due at the beginning of class. Afterward they are considered late and one letter grade per day of lateness will be deducted. Extra Credit: There is none. Attendance Regular attendance will not be recorded but is expected and recommended. The tests and examination will be based on both the lectures and the readings, and while they overlap significantly, they are not identical. Should you do poorly on a test or assignment, the first question that I will ask you is about your attendance. If you have missed even a single class, the first recommendation that I will make is to attend all classes. If you cannot or will not attend all classes, you should not expect good grades. Religious Observance Policy: In accordance with NC SL 2010-211, you are entitled to two excused absences for religious observances 3 per academic year. You must inform me in writing the first week of class if you will be missing any classes due to religious observance and using one of the two permissible absences...
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