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Unformatted text preview: fred B. Steger – Jihadist Globalism Globaloney Semiglobalization CAGE Framework This section examines the various aspects and issues of global economic interdependence. International Economics Sense and Nonsense in the Globalization Debate Thomas Oatley - International Political Economy Electronic Cash and the End of National Markets Robert Gilpin – The International Financial System 6 9 9/20 10 9/27 11 10/2 12 10/4 10/9 13 10/11 14 10/16 15 10/18 16 10/23 Global Trade Multinational Corporations Development and North-South Relations International Politics The International Political System Fall break The Emergence of the Nation-State Challenges to the Nation-State Exam Conflict and Security Global Cultures 17 10/25 18 10/30 Global Flows and Global Culture(s) The Clash of Civilizations 19 11/1 Transnational Immigration/ Languages 20 11/6 Transnational Religion and Fundamentalism Global Issues 21 11/7 Environment Thomas Oatley – Financial Crises Regulating Finance The Nuke of the 90’s New Rules: The American Economy in the Next Century Robert Gilpin – The Trading System Local Memoirs of a Global Manager Thomas Oatley – Multinational Corporations Robert Gilpin – The State and Economic Development Shawn Smallman - Development Neo-Liberalism and Globalization This section introduces concepts and issues in international politics. Mingst – The International System Shawn Smallman – Political Globalization Charles Tilly – War Making and State Making as Organized Crime Umut Ozkirimli - Nationalism The Rise of the Region State Has Globalization Created a Borderless World? Critical Theories of Globalization Nationalism online Backfired Redefining Security: The New Global Schisms Organized Chaos: Not the New World We Ordered Postmodern Terrorism Shawn Smallman - Security This section compares cultures and examines some global cultural issues. Jan Pieterse – Globalization & Culture The Clash of Civilizations? Culture Wars In Praise of Cultural Imperialism English Rules The New Linguistic Order Goin...
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