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The ability to understand the impact of individual

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Unformatted text preview: ents. the ability to understand the impact of individual decisions on the world, and world events on the individual. the ability to use principles or aspects of political science, economics, environmental studies, history, religious studies, and language studies to generate a greater understanding of the self and others, and to accept cultural differences and tolerate cultural ambiguity. the ability to compare and contrast cultural beliefs and practices and their associated social, political, and economic systems; to analyze them critically, and in so doing, recognize that these cultures have their own internal logic. Course Requirements: Your final grade will be based on the following criteria: An in-class mid-term exam (25%): This exam will take place in our regular classroom on the day indicated in the syllabus. A final exam (40%): This exam will be cumulative. Research Paper (25%): As a requirement for INT 105 course you are asked to write a concise research paper of 8-10 double-spaced pages of text using a minimum of 8 scholarly sources. Instructions for the paper will be handed to you separately in the 4th week of classes. International Activity (5%): Each student will also be responsible for attending at least two international activities over the course of the semester. Activities should include one informational meeting about study abroad with the Office of International Programs. Other appropriate activities include but are not limited to: international films, speakers or panels on international topics, campus international student activities, etc. For each activity you attend, you will be required to submit a brief (1 paragraph) report summarizing the activity and describing its significance (that is, just enough to convince me that you attended). Class participation (5%): Come to class on time each day with the readings completed. Get involved when you are in class by contributing to discussions. Participation grades will be based on routine constructive contributions to class discussions and participation in class activities....
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