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1/24 THURS There are 4 types of anthropology- culture, archaeology, physical/biological, linguistic 1. Cultural : describes, analyzes, interprets, and explains social and cultural similarities and differences Ethnography : written account of a culture or group. Wholistic 2. Archaeology : reconstructs, describes, and interprets past human behavior and cultural patterns through material remains, ie underwater archaeology. Cultural Resource Management : a federal law. If you are going to dig dirt, get archaeologists to research. 3. Physical/Biological: human biological diversity. Five different ways to study:
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Human evolution revealed by fossil record 2. Human genetics, genome project 3. Human growth and development 4. Human biological adaptability 5. Non human primates 4. Linguistic : studies language, in its social and cultural context Social linguistics : looks at relationship between social and linguistic variation Traditional cultural archaeology, Applied VS phys/bio, or Linguistic Applied: tp change, making things better Application of anthropological data - perspectives, theory, and methods to identify, assess, and solve contemporary social problems....
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