Pretest chapter 2

Pretest chapter 2 - D. creating ambiguous communications....

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Pretest chapter 2
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1. One way to adjust your communication is to A. recognize that other cultures may have different customs and rules. B. utilize electronic communication as much as possible. C. speak loudly and maintain eye contact. D. interact within the norms of your own culture. 2. Cultural differences affect A. only face-to-face interactions. B. all forms of communications. C. formal business relationships. D. electronic and face-to-face communications. 3. Stereotypes hinder interpersonal communication by A. emphasizing negative behavior traits of certain groups of people. B. failing to acknowledge unique traits of an individual. C. creating resentment between people.
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Unformatted text preview: D. creating ambiguous communications. 4. A good tip for effective intercultural communication is to A. speak clearly and directly. B. seek similarities between you and the other person. C. adjust your communication. D. project self-confidence. 5. Having a cultural perspective can help you A. make assumptions about a group of people. B. accept practices of other cultures. C. learn a foreign language. D. identify universal communications. 6. High-context cultures are also ________ cultures. A. feminine B. individualist C. collectivist D. imperialistic...
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Pretest chapter 2 - D. creating ambiguous communications....

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