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Support and encourage full participation of all

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Unformatted text preview: › Help students who feel overwhelmed or lacking in background, despite prerequisites; › Support and encourage full participation of all students. As a student, by taking this course, you agree to endeavor to: › Attend all class sessions, and to participate enthusiastically; › Not use laptops and mobile devices during class for email and other distracting activities; › Share concerns and comments about the course with the lecturer; › Help create a sense of community by making forum postings anonymous only when absolutely necessary; › Do your fair share of work on your team project. 5 why X? why Ruby? › Rails: lets you avoid SQL › strong culture of elegance & simplicity › cleaner syntax, more uniform than Python › good to learn another language why GitHub? › most popular open source host › good support for issue tracking too › they gave us free private repos (thank you!) 6 your turn lab hours › installation clinic: tonight 5-7pm read website › esp. general info & solo project overview recitation tomorrow › go to any recitation P0: due Monday › Hello World in Rails › stored in GitHub, deployed to Heroku 7...
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