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4 usenet 1979 screenshot of usenet interface removed

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Unformatted text preview: 1979) Screenshot of Usenet interface removed due to copyright restrictions. 5 AOL, compuserve, prodigy (early 90s) © America Online. All rights reserved. This content is excluded from our Creative Commons license. For more information, see http://ocw.mit.edu/fairuse. 6 distributed hypertext Quotation from Tim Berners-Lee's proposal to CERN management removed due to copyright restrictions. Source: Overview in Berners-Lee, Tim. "Information Management: A Proposal." 1989/1990. 7 berners lee’s browser, 1991 Screenshot of Tim Berners-Lee's HyperMedia Browser/Editor removed due to copyright restrictions. 8 key components of TBL’s invention URIs › global names for resources HTML › first invented by Berners Lee in 1989 › based on SGML (used for documents at CERN) › anchor element: associates link with text HTTP › first version (0.9, 1991) had GET only › request: get file at path; response: return file 9 key features of the web as an application model › thin or thick client › no need to install software on client › ubiquitous platform decentralized naming › hierarchical control of namespace simple protocol › string based › request/response › stateless, no transactions 10...
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