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Unformatted text preview: or1 selector1[attr=value] targets all elements specified by selector1 with a specified attribute, e.g. input[type=password] Selectors can also be combined! For example, img.classA.classB#idName[alt=”Profile image”] There are a lot more ways to select elements; for a complete list check out the W3C specs: How does the browser know how to display particular selected elements? Notice that a rule also consists of declarations, which are simply property:value pairs. The browser renders targeted elements based on these property:value pairs. There are lots of properties - no need to memorize all of them. Check a reference like the Mozilla Developer Network (MDN: Reference) to find the properties (and the possible values that can be associated with those properties) you need in order to implement a particular styling. CSS let's you change almost everything about a page's appearance. Properties range from typographical (font-size, letter-spacing, line-height, font-weight, font-style) to appearance (color, opacity, backgrounds, border) to positional ("position", top/left/right/bottom) to size (height, width, padding, margin) and more. Let’s now style the whale page with what we know! 1. Create a new file called whale.css. 2. Link to it whale.html by including <link rel="stylesheet" href="/path/to/whale.css" /> in whale.html's header. 3. Give the "Welcome..." <p> element the id "welcome". Add a presentation rule to whale.css that makes this element's content larger, Arial font, centered, and of dark blue color. For example: #welcome { font-family:Arial; font-size:36px; color: #3B6AA0; text-align: center; } Now, whale page looks like: 4. Give the whale picture <img> element the class "whale pic". Then, using CSS, center the whale picture and give it rounded corners! For example: .whale_pic { display:block; -webkit-border-radius: 20px; -moz...
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