2007exam1key - First midterm - Biochemistry 442 KEY April...

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1 First midterm - Biochemistry 442 KEY April 18, 2007 Name: _______________________ Student #:____________________ -5 points if your name is missing or not legible! Be specific in your answers! They do not need to be long, but be sure to clearly identify the important molecules when asked. 1) 15 points As the team physician for the Mariners, Felix Hernandez comes to talk to you because he is having trouble pitching, and he is therefore very concerned. After a thorough investigation you figure out that the problem is that the nerves on one side of his arm are slightly too active, causing the muscles on that side of the arm to contract a bit too much, and thus interfering with his ability to throw the ball. After thinking through the beauty secrets you learned in 442, you propose to him that you could inject very low doses of a commercially available substance, which should resolve the problem. What is the substance you propose to inject? Botox (4 pts) “King Felix” is concerned about this because he has never heard of anyone getting this treatment and to relieve his concerns you provide a brief molecular explanation of exactly how a very low dose of this substance will work to solve his problem. The protease of the Botox will enter the neuronal cells where it is injected, and cleave the V-Snares (5 pts) that attach vesicles containing neurotransmitters to the nerve terminal (3 pts). If a very low dose of Botox is injected, it will reduce the number of neurotransmitters (3 pts) that can be released by the neurons. 2) 25 points As a scientist working for NASA, you venture to Antarctica where you collect some novel bacterial species. In one of these species, you find that a unique base, which you name Weirdosine (W), is used in the “wobble” position of some anticodons. You analyze which bases it can bind to, and come up with a wobble table for this species. Which position of the anticodon (first, second or
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2007exam1key - First midterm - Biochemistry 442 KEY April...

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